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  • Can you reverse neuropathy? Can neuropathy be cured?
    Yes, it is possible to reverse it and, in many cases, even cure Neuropathy. Despite what you may have heard before, we witness these improvements in people's lives every day. To achieve this, it's crucial to precisely identify and address the underlying cause. At Optimize Wellness, we conduct specialized neuropathy exams to uncover what's triggering your symptoms. Our approach is based on research-backed methods, with an average success rate of 95% in reversing neuropathy in our patients. The extent of improvement varies depending on each individual's commitment to the healing process and their adherence to our recommendations. Scientific literature confirms that peripheral nerves have the ability to heal. The key lies in not only initiating the nerve healing process but also halting the factors responsible for nerve damage. By discovering the underlying cause of neuropathy and providing the right nerve support, we optimize their regenerative capacity
  • I have tried so many specialists already, what makes this treatment any different?
    When you come in, we will perform: ✔️Orthopedic ✔️ Neurological and ✔️Sensory exams to find the root cause of your neuropathy symptoms. We are part of a network of over 500 doctors across the nation who specialize in reversing the symptoms of neuropathy. We use research proven systems and protocols that yield an average of 95% success rate for the patients who qualify for our treatment. That is why we recommend that you schedule a consultation to evaluate if you are a candidate for our revolutionary treatment. In this appointment we will discuss symptoms, common medical history, the treatment route recommended for you and also we'll perform your first Neuropathy treatment in clinic. Start your journey with us with our NEW PATIENT SPECIAL for $21. You will receive a consultation and first treatment.
  • How long will it take for me to get better?
    That will be different for each patient. Neuropathy symptoms usually take years to develop and so it may take some time for them to be reversed. Our neurosensory exam will give us more information on realistic time expectations. Nevertheless, the majority of our patients have experienced phenomenal results with reducing the symptoms of burning and coldness sensation, needle and sharp pain, muscles cramps, numbness and trouble walking in just as little as 3 months. Our treatment goal is promote and restore the environment within the body for nerve healing, Increase blood flow to the nerves, stimulate the nerves that are damaged to reduce pain and improve balance and provide you with educational resources that will help you to make better decisions for your health. With the time many of our patients are being able to reduce pain medication and get rid of their side effects, get better from their high blood pressure, diabetes, loose weight and restore their gut health as a complementary bonus from our treatment program and Mainly returned feet and hands to normal.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We work with all insurances. When you come in, we will do a complementary insurance verification. Coverage varies depending on what kind of the treatment plan the doctor prescribes for you. Each patient is given a unique treatment plan that is custom tailored just for them, which is why we have such a high success rate. Out of pocket costs are usually affordable for just about anyone. There are no surprise costs and you won't be charged anything until we go over your benefits first. You will learn more when you come in.
  • How long will my first appointment take?
    Plan on about an hour and half total for your visit. That includes from the time you come in to fill out your intake form. We tent to run right on time so we strive to keep your waiting times as minimal as possible.
  • How much does it cost to truly reverse neuropathy?
    True nerve and artery regeneration is a process that take time and effort from both the doctor and patient. Thus, the treatment plans for our patients may range from a 3 to 18 month care-plan and generally include in-office and at-home therapies, as well as nutritional therapies in order to address the regeneration of both the arteries and the nerves. We use only the newest and most effective technologies to achieve the highest outcomes for our patients. In average, the total cost for everything needed for those 3 to 18 months may range from $3,800 to $7,833, all depending on the individual patient's needs found through their health history and exam results.
  • It is Safe and Effective?
    Our clinic presents an innovative, non-invasive, and surgery-free therapy protocol blending advanced medical treatments to alleviate your neuropathy discomfort. We've created a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to ensure your confidence in our program's suitability. This thorough evaluation furnishes you with all the essential details before embarking on your neuropathy pain treatment, ensuring you're well-informed about the potential for success.
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